30 Day Book Advertising

This is a cinematic page adverisement for your book and trailer on our television website, where you can pay for as many months as you like for 30 days. That's only $1 dollar a day for advertising. Installation charges are free. After 30 days you can always return and pay for another month.

30 Day Book Advertising

SKU: APN364215376
  • BOOK PROMO - Leasing a whole page for the sole purpose of book advertsement. The free installation benefits consist of having a background image or video, book image, book trailer, synopsis, a primary button that is directed to where the phyical book, digital book (eBook), or audio book will be sold, a secondary book directed to other booksellers. We handle the installion process for you.    


There are a growing number of gifted and talented published authors today that doesn't have a free outlet to present their writing to the world. Our task is to bring the fundamentals of literary & reading enjoyment back together with STYLE AND FLAVOR, and by allowing the audience and viewers to decide.

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