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A non-profit cable and online broadcasting television network produced by ASA Publishing Corporation, provided for all undiscovered authors and self-publishers. A National & International Sponsorship.

Media Contributors

The Production Team of APN TV

Steven L. Hill Sr.
Personal Article

Book Publisher / TV Producer &

Production Manager

ASA Publishing Corporation

Robert (Bob) Beadles

TV Host - Anchor

Political Analyst & Book Reviewer

Tara Harris

TV Host &

Control Room Director 2

Jenna Sams

Chief Camera Women

& Floor Director

Michelle M. Meiring

TV Host &

Control Room Director 1

Mary Ann Gotts

Program Coordinator &

TV (Airing) Editing Adviser,

ASA Publishing Corp Administrator

Gregory Brock

Music Contributor &

Scoring Support

 2X Top 20 Billboard Award Artist 

Marco Diaz

(International) Public Relations Coordinator & Translator

The Little French Books

Sylvia Hubbard

Literary Event /PR & Consultant

for Authors & Self-Publishers

Michigan Literary Network

Tara Harris
Eeva Lancaster

Book Publisher / PR Coordinator

for Authors & Self-Publishers

The Book Khaleesi

Marnye Young

Awarded Audio Book Narrator, Screen Actress and PR Coordinator


Debra Jones-Bailey

Public Relations Coordinator

for Authors & Self-Publishers

Power You Media


Tech Support & 

Program Assistance

Denise Phillips

Public Relations Coordinator

Bookstore Owner

Gathering Volumes Bookstore

Henry Roi

Public Relations Manager




Music Contributor &

Scoring Support  Billboard Spotify  Wonderland Magazine

Broadcast Team

Come, be a part of our team and help make a difference in the undiscovered talents.

Broadcast Team

Come, be a part of our team and help make a difference in the undiscovered talents.

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There are a growing number of gifted and talented published authors today that doesn't have a free outlet to present their writing to the world. Our task is to bring the fundamentals of literary & reading enjoyment back together with STYLE AND FLAVOR, and by allowing the audience and viewers to decide.

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