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TV Show Episodes

Our TV talk show episode taping are interviews from various authors, publishers, and self-publishers from around the world. View our catalog of these interviews, taped under a live audience and/or viewers and readers from in the studio and across the screen. Previous episodes are archived in our YouTube distribution network. If you would like to be a part of the show contact us.

Current TV Slots Form

Upcoming TV Episodes

and available TV interview slots

Episode 135 - Nadine V. Hadley

Episode 136 - Mikaela Williams

Episode 137 - Slot 1 Available, Slot 2 Available

Episode 138 - Franklin Jakes

Episode 139 - Sherri Smith & Jill Janiec

Episode 140 - Mark Love

Episode 141  - Michael Dockery & Family

Episode 142 - Donald Iiams, Jr., Michael Sharp

Episode 143 - Louis W. J. Uthoff

Episode 144 - Michael Sharp

Top 10 Most Watched APN TV Media Episodes

Brief summaries about most guests are from their respective media sites. 

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