TV Show Episodes

Our TV talk show episode taping are interviews from various authors and self-publishers from around the world. View our catalog of these interviews, taped under a live audience and/or viewers and readers from across the screen. Previous interviews are archived in our YouTube distribution network. If you would like to be a part of the show contact us.

Upcoming TV Shows

Episode 106 - RD Jackson

Episode 108 - Robert Gallant

Episode 113 - Marnye Young & A. X. Hailey

Episode 114 - Eric Johnson

Episode 118 - Patricia Lee & Tashia Malone

Episode 119 - Denise J. Bryson

Episode 120 - Nadine V. Hadley

Episode 121 - Victoria Seacrest

Episode 122 - Jennifer Wilson & Kimberly Willis

Episode 123 - Mary Schmidt